I am retaking an English course to strive for a higher grade for application to the radiology program at Southern Crescent Technical College. The following contains my weekly journal for my ENGL 1101 class.


Three simultaneously active hurricanes on September 7. From left to right: Katia, Irma, and Jose, the first occurrence since 2010. Photo: NOAA National Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information Service (NESDIS), Photo Source: Wikipedia, License: CC0 1.0 Public Domain

The most extreme weather I have experienced was Hurricane Irma when I lived in Dublin, GA. Although I did not live on the coast, I did experience the hurricane more closely and directly than I ever have before. The storm was still a category one when it reached the edge of Laurens County despite having reached that far inland. I worked at a daily newspaper. We had to get the paper to press. Due to the weather, several people were not coming into work. Most of these people had farther to drive than other employees. Two graphic designers worked at the paper, and I lived the closest of the two. I went into work, and the other designer stayed home. I remember driving through the storm and around a tree that had fallen halfway across the road to get home. Dublin is also the point on I-16 that is the end of the evacuation traffic rerouting. We had heavy traffic with both northbound and southbound traffic exiting in Dublin. Some people stayed because we had emergency shelters available. Some people just passed through and got gas. I do believe in climate change and global warming. I find it difficult to believe that anyone cannot see the evidence. I do not think anyone is overthinking because I do not think people are thinking about it enough. Discussion frustrates me more than it makes me want to change, but it could make me want to improve on what I already do. I do hope that others become more aware and make changes. I believe that we should live more closely with nature and be more mindful of it. Sometimes all that is needed is to just get out of the house and sit outside in your yard for a while. I went outside to study, and a large bird (probably a hawk) swooped down to the ground just feet in front of me. I had never seen anything like that before and never would have seen it if I had stayed inside to study. I wonder if he saw and grabbed a small animal. I certainly did not notice anything there. It is much easier to not care about nature if you do not notice it.


Featured Image: Stock Photo, Photo Source: Pixabay, License