I am retaking an English course to strive for a higher grade for application to the radiology program at Southern Crescent Technical College. The following contains a diagnostic essay for my ENGL 1101 class. The purpose of the diagnostic essay was to demonstrate my writing skills at the beginning of the course before receiving any instruction and to answer the following question: Some students claim they attend college because parents and other relatives told them they should. Other students say they will be able to get better jobs when they graduate. What are some reasons to attend college?


For many people, college is a logical next step after graduating from high school. Other people choose not to attend college and prefer to find a job immediately upon graduation. The people that go to college go for many different reasons. Some go because their parents or family told them they should or because they put pressure on them to go. Some go to college because they think going will help them get better jobs. Some other reasons people go to college might be for self-discovery, for continuing education, or for changing careers.

College can be used as a tool for self-discovery. Young adults usually do not know what they want to do with their lives. They need time to figure out what career is the right choice for them. Sometimes taking classes is helpful in discovering what areas are interesting to them or to introduce them to new topics. Then, they can pick a focus that will lead to a satisfying career.

Adults may use college to update their skills or to continue their education. Some people want to return to school to work toward a more advanced degree in their chosen field. Getting a higher degree could help advance their career by making more money or opening new opportunities. Sometimes taking even one course could refresh their skills or help them stay current in areas like technology that change over time.

Sometimes people decide to change careers and return to school to prepare for a new path. These people may work towards another entire degree in a completely different area. They might only take enough courses to receive a quicker certification. If the new career choice is drastically different from their current career or has many requirements, they will need more education.

Whether people go to college for self-discovery, for continuing education, or for changing careers, the reasons are personal and are different for each person. College is a tool that can help different people with different needs achieve their goals.


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